Garlic-Rosemary-Bay Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml glass

  • Product Description
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the miracle itself. Aromatic flavor and odour comes from flowers in nature, plants, wind, soil, rain, and most importantly, the source of life from the sun, we offer «extra virgin of nature” the state without any process.

    We produce Zade Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the olives of the Aegean region which is the most suitable region for the olive tree.

    Sensory properties are predominantly fruity taste and odour is highly sensible. Zade Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s characteristic flavour is enriched with different aromas suitable for kitchen use areas, enables different tastes in with Zade Flavoured Oil Series.

    The marination, appetizers, meals made with pulses products, meals made with seafood, meat, salad and pasta sauces, roasting, olive oil dishes etc

  • Review Nutrition Facts
  • Nutrition Facts For 100 ml
    Energy 3367 kj/819 kcal
    Fat 91 g
    – Saturated Fat 14 g
    – Monounsaturated Fat 66 g
    – Polyunsaturated Fat 11 g
    Carbonhydrate 0g
    – Sugars 0g
    Protein 0g
    Salt 0g
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