Catering 18 lt Tin

  • Product Description
  • Sunflower Oil is a sensitive product. Crude Sunflower oil passes through 6 different stages and completes the refining process in 36 hours.

    The main purpose of the refining is to remove the negativity from the structure of the oil at the maximum level by preserving the natural structure of the oil and to protect the benefits within it.

    Thanks to its superior technology, every Zade Sunflower Oil product is perfectly produced in 6 stages with 36 stages. After refining, the bottling and palletizing process is completed with 4.0 robotic technology and it is ready for our consumers and customers.

    In the production of the first or one millionth pieces, all Zade Sunflower oil products produced today or ten years later continue to be produced in the same quality every time. Zade Catering Sunflower Oil which makes frying performance much higher than standard Sunflower Oil with additional antioxidant and antifoaming agent makes it easier for kitchen professionals.

    Faster frying experience, higher number of frying performances, longer-lasting oil usage and most importantly crispy flavors! For kitchen professionals, frying with Zade Catering Sunflower Oil is always an enjoyable experience.

    You can test every Zade branded product in your kitchens where the negativity is removed to the maximum level, the natural structure of the oil is not deteriorated, the plant benefits are preserved at the maximum level.

  • Review Nutrition Facts
  • Nutrition Facts For 100 ml
    Energy 3367 kj/819 kcal
    Fat 91 g
    – Saturated Fat 10 g
    – Monounsaturated Fat 25 g
    – Polyunsaturated Fat 56 g
    Carbonhydrate 0g
    – Sugars 0g
    Protein 0g
    Salt 0g
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