Quality Policies

The main principles and targets adopted by our organization to carry out our activities in a manner that supports our vision and mission;

  • Maintaining the highest level of quality,
  • Maintaining the expectations of the stakeholders in the best manner with a customer satisfaction oriented approach,
  • Comply with the legislation, standards and the conditions of our organization’s quality management system,
  • To provide information, education, infrastructure, healthy and reliable working environment in accordance with our understanding that values our employees and society,
  • Establishing sustainable relationships with our stakeholders and the society we are in,
  • Continuously improve its effectiveness through periodic reviews, complying with the requirements of all management systems; keep the performance at the highest level,
  • Developing competitive products and services by creating an employee profile that is open to innovation and change and believes to be customer oriented.


The main principles and targets that we adopt to be a pioneer in the sector and to ensure continuous development with risk analysis, corrective and preventive activities, follow-up and control of technological developments;

  • Comply with the applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation and the appropriate conditions of the member organizations,
  • Keeping the change process alive depending on changes in the production line and layout plan; to ensure continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety management and performance in order to continue development,
  • To organize trainings and exercises to ensure that employees are aware of Occupational Health and Safety awareness and requirements and to be aware of our company policy,
  • To provide awareness by taking into consideration our suppliers, customers, visitors and all relevant parties that may be affected as well as our employees while planning OHS; to ensure that all parties comply with OSH legislation and the specific requirements of our organization,
  • Ensuring the continuous improvement of OHS management and performance,
  • To achieve zero occupational accident targets in all of our facilities,
  • To be aware that all accidents are preventable and that there is always a safe way of doing business,
  • To prevent occupational diseases and work-related injuries as a result of the measures taken by risk analysis by trying to reduce the hazards that employees may be exposed to in all areas; to take necessary measures within the working areas and to continuously improve.


In accordance with the Information Security Management System Standard;

  • Ensuring all stakeholders have secure access to their information assets,
  • Maintain the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information,
  • To protect the prestige, reputation and brand value of all our stakeholders,
  • Reducing the identified risks that may occur on information assets, evaluating risks, reducing them to acceptable level and managing the whole process,
  • Reduce the possibility of information security violation; the sanctions to be deemed necessary,
  • Developing appropriate plans to ensure continuity in critical business processes and ensuring that all processes are integrated,
  • To organize regular training activities in order to protect the awareness of information security,
  • Comply with legislation on information security, contractual obligations and related standards,
  • To ensure continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System.


In order to reduce environmental impacts, contribute to the protection of the environment and provide environmentally sensitive products, we undertake to comply with the following principles:

  • Comply with environmental legislation requirements and other requirements,
  • Reducing the waste from our facilities from the source and ensuring reuse and recycling as much as possible; to be disposed of without damaging the environment through the licensed company,
  • To assess environmental risks, to reduce these risks and to reduce them to an acceptable level,
  • To produce products with the features that are easy to recycle, harmless to ecological balance and more compatible with the environment,
  • To reduce losses by following the technological developments and keeping the efficiency of our facilities at the highest level,
  • Ensuring and protecting the conscious use of our natural resources,
  • To periodically monitor and control the environmental impact of our operations,
  • To raise awareness of all our stakeholders on the environment,
  • Adopt the principles of sustainable development and prevention of pollution,
  • Increasing our environmental performance by creating measurable targets and programs and taking into account the environmental impacts of new entities,
  • Fulfilling our environmental responsibilities by ensuring that this policy is adopted and implemented with all of our employees.


Keep quality at the highest level; to protect the expectations of all stakeholders in the best manner with a customer satisfaction-oriented approach; Providing healthy, reliable and environment-friendly products in the local and global markets.

In line with this principle, we pay attention to human health, ethical values, customer and consumer expectations with our qualified personnel; identifying, evaluating and controlling the risks associated with food safety in all inputs and processes; taking preventive actions against food defense; The aim is to produce safe products in hygienic conditions equipped with the latest technology and to be an exemplary organization in the national and international area.

In order to achieve this aim, it has been accepted as the principle of work and the philosophy of life by working with team spirit and directing all of our employees in this direction and achieving  “Safe and Quality Food” in line with the understanding of continuous improvement.

We ensure food safety and compliance with all requirements in compliance with all relevant policies, principles and standards.

Experimental Laboratory Management in accordance with the philosophy of; A Contemporary Method, An Accurate Analysis and An Impartial Interpretation ”to contribute to customer and employee satisfaction, environmental principles, and reliable production;

  • TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Requirements for Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, which meets the requirements of our Quality Management System, which is adopted by all of our staff and continuously following the innovations and ensuring continuous improvement with advanced technology test equipment,
  • Providing test services by applying nationally and internationally accepted methods and standards, and checking the suitability of the test results by participating in national and international qualification tests,
  • To take all measures to protect the confidentiality of the information of its customers,
  • To support the continuous development of staff through internal and external trainings, to learn the requirements of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and to make the applications consistently apply according to quality documents such as policies, procedures and instructions,
  • Providing the necessary support to keep up-to-date with the current technical infrastructure and resources and to follow scientific technological developments,
  • To increase customer satisfaction to the highest level in order to increase the service quality of the test laboratory and to receive international recognition,
  • To ensure that this quality policy is adopted, implemented and understood the responsibilities of its personnel.


Our basic principle is customer needs and expectations in accordance with quality management system, health, safety and environmental standards; is to ensure superior customer experience and satisfaction by meeting constantly, on time.

In line with the principle of customer focus;

  • Based on the principles of objectivity, privacy, transparency and continuous improvement,
  • Providing customer satisfaction by providing root cause analysis in case of customer dissatisfaction, performing repetitive activities and providing information as soon as possible,
  • To turn our feedback and complaints into opportunities to improve our processes,
  • To continue our employees’ training in order to realize our goals and programs, and to ensure that all of our employees are included in the processes of effective customer satisfaction,
  • To act in accordance with ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System standard, legal requirements, contracts and legislation in our customer satisfaction management processes,
  • We are committed to ensure the adoption and implementation of this quality policy.


With the awareness of carrying the responsibility of Energy Management System in all locations of our organization;

  • Comply with national and international legal obligations and other requirements related to energy,
  • Continuously improve the energy performance in line with the purposes and objectives and to realize all necessary resources and information,
  • To document the energy management system by constantly reviewing and following the performance indicators,
  • To follow new technological developments in all our processes,
  • Protecting the environmental balance and natural resources by using energy efficiently and prioritizing energy efficiency in product and service procurement,
  • To increase the awareness of all our stakeholders on energy efficiency,
  • We are committed to ensure the adoption and implementation of this quality policy.



With its 130 years of experience, our company has adopted the principle of continuous improvement and with its facilities equipped with the latest technology and with halal production conditions;

  • Supported by national and international standards,
  • Managed with advanced food standards practices,
  • It takes full care of food safety in every process from production to consumer.
  • Keeping quality in superiority,
  • Fully meets the expectations of customers and consumers,
  • Providing the best opportunities in terms of reliability,
  • Committed to providing products that are healthy, reliable, environmentally friendly, compliant with legal obligations and halal standards accepted in domestic and foreign markets.


The reputation of our organization is produced in a way that does not pose a risk to quality and efficiency in our high technology production facilities supported by national and international standards; each stage of production is controlled; It is based on maintaining consumer loyalty and values ​​by offering healthy, reliable, hygienic, regulatory and environmentally sensitive products.

To protect our reputation;

  • Comply with regulatory requirements, relevant standards and other requirements,
  • To become a global brand in food, health and distributorship sectors with more than 130 years of experience, to provide added value to our country, to develop and develop with innovations at all times,
  • Ensuring the implementation and sustainability of procedures based on HACCP principles with Good Hygiene Practices to achieve reliable products,
  • To determine the appropriate methods by conducting the environment analysis related to hygiene and sanitation at all stages until reaching our customers and consumers from the raw material supply with the staff who have a sense of responsibility, who loves their job, adopts the principle of self-improvement,
  • To contribute to protecting the health of all our stakeholders and to improve health awareness in the society,
  • Reducing all risks to the lowest level in order to ensure the health, life safety and job security of our stakeholders; We are committed to continuously improving our hygiene and sanitation management system.


Organic products are products in which every stage of production is controlled and raw materials are certified without using chemical inputs in production. Helvacızade acting with a sense of social responsibility; It supports organic agriculture which aims to protect the environment, plants, animals and human health without polluting the soil and water resources and air. For this purpose, studies are carried out on the organic nutrition and supply of raw materials used in the products approved by the Ministry of Health. Ege University Faculty of Agriculture cooperates in this scope and the raw materials to be used in the products are grown as organic certified under the supervision of a scientific staff.

  • Raw materials that have been certified as organic certified to the plants, and on-site inspections by ECOCERT Organic Certification and Certification Agency, which has international competence in organic certification, have been carried out on the site since 2009, and the raw material supply, storage, production lines, final product storage, packaging and materials used, the suitability of the delivery stages for organic product it is documented.
  • In this context, the audits are carried out in the European Union Organic Production and Packaging and the United States Organic Production and Packaging norms and the system is certified organic.
  • In addition, the above mentioned inspections of the production systems are also audited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and certified for commercial activities in Turkey.